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Priyanka Tour & Travels is one of the flagship travelling firms in Gorakhpur. After the establishment of the company in 2012 we have flourished quite enthusiastically by undertaking a lot of initiatives and endeavors in order to make travelling easy and memorable for everyone. Our principal focus is to cater to the travelling needs of the travelers and make sure that they start and end their journeys on happy notes.


Vision & Mission

To become the best travel agency in the domain is our vision and for that it we persistently strive to achieve excellence through innovation. Digital footprint and string travel networking is our base strategies to gift the customers a well-endowed package following up on their requisitions.

Our Services

The main services that we provide are bookings and conducted tours. The advanced technological input in our agency has transformed it into a swift accessing and quick transaction travel portal. Customers can make queries on where they want to go or how they want to travel and we will oblige with the best possible options for their perusal. Car rentals, bust rentals, hotel bookings, flight bookings and tour packages are some of the main features of Priyanka Tour & Travels.

Our Providence

Our well sourced administration, proficient travelling grid, trained agents and enthusiastic guides, constitutes our work force. We perform as a unit and bring joy to the tourist and travelers by making their journeys comfortable, stress-free and memorable.

Priyanka Tour & Travels catalogues the best holiday destinations for all, across and abroad, with gracious amenities at affordable prices to bestow the memoirs of a happy tour.


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Shastri Nagar, Dayanand Nagar,

Gorakhnath, Gorakhpur.



+91 70074 70029

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